Weaving Data

»Weaving Data« is a real–life data object that visualizes data sets of future climate scenarios, called Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSP), provided by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

On a 2m² sized textile it shows eight data sets from five SSPs of the decades 2010 to 2100: population, global temperature mean, Gross Domestic Product, land cover, emission of CO2, consumption and primary energy. A mirror axis in the center of the textile defines the origin of visualization. It cuts the categories without (top) and with (bottom) climate protection efforts in half to indicate incisive differences from a point of view.

The final object will be woven on a jacquard loom and adopts the connection between mechanical weaving and data visualization as data based tapestry.

Weaving Data – Population in SSP 1 to 5
Weaving Data – Global temperature mean in SSP 1 to 5 on vertical axis
Weaving Data – Gross domestic product in SSP 1 to 5 as squared forms
Weaving Data – Land cover shades cover forest and crop land, visualized in comparism of squared forms
Weaving Data – CO2 Emission data from SSP 1 to 5 over 100 years
Weaving Data – Consumption data from SSP1 to SSP5 as triangled forms
Weaving Data – Primary energy sources in SSP 1 to 5

»Weaving Data« is a project by Samira Akhavan, Anna Heib and Amelie Kirchmeyer developed within the course Data Objects by Prof. Boris Müller at the FH Potsdam – University of Applied Sciences.

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